CIAMO is in its very nature an international institution. Artists and teachers from around the world play an important role in the high quality arts education the center offers to the community.


Artist-in-Residence Program

Artists who love world music are fascinated by the musical culture in Ouidah. The Artist-In-Residence Program at CIAMO is a unique opportunity for an established artist to come to Benin with the goal of sharing their skills with musicians and learning new music styles. Artists are present in Ouidah during a two week period. During this period they teach classes to children according to their specialty and work to develop the capacities of professional and amateur artists in Benin. At the same time, they are expected to learn rhythm and musical styles of Ouidah. All of these activities cumulate in a concert that showcases the artist resident’s talent and the exchange that took place during the residency.
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Peace Corps Response

Peace Corps Response positions are usually awarded to Returned Peace Corps Volunteers. There are currently three volunteers working on the project and the center hope to one more for our summer programs.
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Volunteer Group

A group of volunteers with skills in art and/or music can visit Benin during a period of 1-2 weeks and participating camps for art and music.
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