Oscar Kidjo

Oscar Kidjo is the director of promotion of the arts education the Ministry of Culture of Benin. From the same musical family as Angelique Kidjo, he studied music with her at the Berklee School of Music. He helps us to … Read More

Sim Souza

Charlecio Syrmalus de Souza (Sim) is the performing arts teacher at CIAMO. A musician himself, he came to CIAMO as a learner and finally decided to become a teacher at the center since the 2012. A native of Ouidah where the … Read More

Wilfrid Houndjé

Wilfrid Houndjé is a cultural promoter and is the center’s Administrator. He’s best known in Ouidah for creating Festival Carnaval Kaleta, one of the biggest annual festivals in Ouidah. He knows Ouidah better than anyone on the team and is … Read More

Pascal Avokpo

Pascal Avokpo is one of the most prominent artists and painters in the city of Ouidah. A master of all types of visual art, Pascal joined CIAMO in 2013 as a cartoon trainee. In 2014, he became the Center’s visual … Read More