CIAMO's mission is to promote arts education as a dynamic tool for growth in the developing world.

This is achieved through the following goals:

Goal 1: Allow children to thrive in the arts. Offer a high quality basic arts education based in tradition to help students to grow creatively and cognitively. These offerings may be during classroom hours or extracurricular and should occasionally include the opportunity to work with internationally known artists.

Goal 2: Turn teachers into teachers of the arts. Teachers are trained to be art educators, to integrate the arts into other subjects, and to develop personally as artists.

Goal 3: Turn artists into teachers. Help Beninese artists to develop technical and teaching skills so that they can collaborate with the center to develop new projects and curriculum.

Goal 4: Promote the culture. Beninese culture is diverse, with 50 ethnic groups all of which offer a wealth of music and art. CIAMO helps students recognize the value of their traditions and also gives them opportunities to share those traditions with others.