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This weekend CIAMO hosted a Minicamp for students of two area elementary schools. This exciting event coincided with the visit of CIAMO founder Sarah DuPont and artist-in-residence Leni Stern. Leni offered music workshops in collaboration with percussionist Paul Abikoye and trumpet player Magloire Ahouandjinou, drawing heavily from the local Fon musical tradition. On Sunday, the visiting musical team was joined by the Gangbe Brass Band, who played for the children and introduced them to various instruments such as the trombone and the saxophone, broadening their musical horizons. Parallel to the weekend’s musical activities, children at the Minicamp participated in a mask-making workshop with art teachers Nancy Haggarty and Lydia Dambekalns. These masks will be used by the children during the traditional Kaleta festival later this month. Minicamp culminated on Monday with a performance featuring the students’ work over the course of the weekend. The children were accompanied by Stern and representatives of the songwriting group CIAMO Stars. Thank you to Sarah and Leni for their enthusiastic support!